The Industry

Discover our history and our sustainable production method


genuinely brazilian


now also produced in the west of Santa Catarina, in the city of Paraíso, with the aim of serving the national and international market with unparalleled quality, respect for the consumer and the certainty of producing one of the best cachaças in Brazil.

Maintaining the original characteristics, but applying modern techniques, HB Agroindústria wants to delight lovers of a good CACHAÇA, producing the Heats Brazil and Seiva da Cana brands.


– Reservoir with 2,000,000 liters of rainwater

– Reforestation firewood for steam production

– Boiler with catalyst and suspended particle filter

– Production of electrical energy with photovoltaic panels

– Transformation of waste into organic compost

– Decantation pond for vinasse

– Planting trees of the species used in the barrels

– Own laboratory for product analysis

Social responsability

– Recommendation for moderate consumption

– Encouragement of recycling of inputs

– Production respecting people’s health


– Immediate grinding of harvested sugarcane

– Fermentation using saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast

– Batch distillation in copper stills

– Separation and disposal of contaminants and heavy metals

– Storage in stainless steel tanks

– Triple filtration of the cachaça before bottling

– Cave for aging cachaça

Cane field

– Own

– Irrigated with rainwater

– Harvesting is manual

– Spread to clean the sugarcane before harvesting

– Disposal of sugarcane unsuitable for production